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Customer care and complaints policy

South East Enterprise is committed to ensuring that high standards of customer service are a feature of its business support activities

Customers having contact with South East Enterprise (SEE) should receive a consistent service with attention to their needs.

Customers receiving a service of information, advice or training can expect SEE staff to respond in an efficient manner. They can also expect SEE staff to provide a professional service with a helpful and empathetic attitude.


SEE delivers a range of business support services to a diverse range of customers across South East London and beyond. Customer Care in these services will be provided by the following types of process:


Enquirers can expect to have any service query dealt with promptly, with many completed during the initial contact with a member of staff. All enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. All forms of written response will be despatched to the client on the same day the enquiry is received. Enquirers can expect that SEE will monitor how effectively it handles enquiries and seek to improve the service customer’s experience.


Customers wishing to attend SEE courses can expect to have their booking processed the same day, and a confirmation to be issued. They can also expect to receive clear joining instructions and reminders in advance of a course. On attending a course trainees will be provided with clear instructions, hospitality and a comfortable training experience. They can expect that their feedback on courses will be collected and acted upon. All course materials will be provided in a clear and professional manner.

Advice customers

Customers receiving an advice service can expect the specific nature of the support available to them to be confirmed by their adviser. They will be provided with a Client Agreement which highlights the standards expected of both parties. They will also be provided with clear information on who to contact should they have a query or a complaint. Advice sessions will be delivered as scheduled. Advisers will provide clear and impartial advice. Following an advice visit customers can expect to receive a written confirmation of the actions agreed. Customers can expect that their feedback or complaints will be acted upon by the appropriate manager.

Where a customer wishes to make a formal complaint SEE has a Complaints process. All SEE staff have been briefed on the Complaints Process and its operation.


In the first instance any concern or problem should be raised with a member of staff who may be able to resolve the situation immediately. If this is not possible or does not resolve the issue the customer should adopt the formal procedure of submitting a complaint in writing.

Written complaints should be made to:

The Director, South East Enterprise, 26 Burney Street, Greenwich, SE10 8EX.

They can be emailed on

SEE will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 5 working days, and to respond, detailing the actions to be taken within 15 days of receiving the written complaint.

Following the resolution of the complaint SEE will review the processes and procedures to identify changes, staff training or communication that would improve the processes and customer service.

Staff action

Staff receiving a concern raised by a customer, or a formal complaint should ensure that the concern or complaint is recorded as per the Customer Complaints Procedure. This Customer Care Policy lays down the expected level of service customers can expect. SEE will strive to continue to deliver effective and helpful services, those services will also be regularly reviewed in order to ensure continuous improvement.

January 2012