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140 People over 50 Develop E-business Skills, May 2008

SE Enterprise have just celebrated the successful completion of a 2 year programme called Re-Connect to E-Enterprise for 50+ where 140 people have had the opportunity to develop skills in web design, e-marketing and e-commerce. The programme was funded by the LDA through the European Social Fund.
Susan at a market in Brussels 

Susan Mundy is a retired lecturer who attended the 50+ course. She decided it was time to do something she had always wanted to do and set up her own business selling vintage jewellery. As well as selling online she is now taking a course in jewellery repair as well as travelling to source new products. See her website.

South East Enterprise has a team of women trainers and business advisers with an excellent track record of helping other women benefit from the many opportunities online. South East Enterprise run regular half day workshops called "First Steps to Starting an Online Business".