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Serenity Sessions

Serenity Sessions are a training provider working with the charity sector, building core skills for staff and wellbeing programmes with the aim of building resilience and sustainability.

Jennie Blake, the owner of Serenity Sessions wanted to move her business away from freelance commissions with training providers, to building her own customer base and positioning herself as an expert within the sector and provider in her own right.

Jennie realised she lacked the marketing knowledge and expertise to do this alone, so this formed the basis of the one-to-one support she accessed. Her E Business Adviser was able to work with her on a structured marketing strategy, identifying Linked In as the best platform on which to build her personal brand alongside her website. She gave Jennie content plans and techniques that have paid real dividends in terms of generating new clients and significantly increased her turnover in just one year.

Jennie is now ready to build on this and will be accessing the SEE Branding and Design training to start the next phase of her business growth.

Having access to an expert in marketing who provided insightful and powerful advice, that has added real value to my business is amazing. Their knowledge and unswerving belief in me have delivered real success for my business.

The Matrix Standard
Best of Greenwich awards 2019 shortlist
Greenwich business awards 2018
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London Healthy Workplace Charter
London Living Wage
National Enterprise Network Awards 2013
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