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This list includes some of the tools that you could be using to enhance your business, increase productivity and of course your bottom line.

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Web and CMS

Software designed to allow you to simply control the content of your web site and keep it up-to-date.


Strategy and techniques used to increase your site’s ranking on search engines such as Google.


Software that enables you to manage interactions with current and future customers.

Social media

Virtual communities, amongst the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Cyber security

Technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks.

VoIP and webinars

Voice over Internet Protocol can be used for obtaining telephone services via computer networks. Webinars are on-line events such as training and information seminars.

QR codes

Quick Response code can contain far more information than just listing your URL and can be specified by the user.


Online software packages allow a business to keep and maintain professional quality accounts.


Business that is conducted over the internet (on line sales via your web site) using one of a variety of software applications. All segments are covered, business to business and business to consumer.

Payment platforms

Ways to receive payments over the internet with a number of providers with lots of options includng portable card readers.


Virtual Private Networks create a secure network connection meaning you can continue to work from home or anywhere there is an internet connection as if you were at your own computer.

Cloud backups

Storing data securely on the internet (in the cloud) which can be accessed remotely providing protection for your valuable information.

Cloud subscription

Many services available today such as CRM, CMS, e-accounting and cloud storage are available for a small monthly or annual fee.

Intranets and extranets

Internal websites that help staff get things done and private networks that allows secure access to a businesses information.

SME Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculate your organisations emmissions. For small and medium sized business to take control of their emmissions and understand what to change

Translate web pages with these useful browser extension apps 

Download these useful browser extension apps to translate web pages into any language. All of the popular browsers are catered for including Google Chrome, Apple Mac Safari and Firefox. Microsoft Edge has it's own translation tool built into the browser, you can slelect any language from the list you have set up or the more extensive one available from Microsoft.

Free keyword search volume tool

Search 1000's of keywords for Google. Check the average monthly search volume for your keywords

Search listening tool

Discover what people are asking about. Get insights direct from your customers, there are 3 billion Google searches every day


Grab a variety of free SEO text content tools here 

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Page Speed Tool - Make you web pages fast on all devices

Insightly - FREE CRM System

SEO web page analyser

AVG Free antivirus software

FREE PC care system

50GB of FREE Cloud Storage

How fast? - Test your network connection speed

Small Business Carbon Footprint Calculator

Translate web pages to any language when using Google Chrome

Translate web pages to any language when using Safari on Apple Mac

Translate web pages to any language when using Firefox

Translate web pages to any language in your list using Microsoft Edge

Free keyword search volume tool

Search listening tool for market, customer and content research

FREE SEO tools for a variety of tasks

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