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E-Business meets the Greenwich Landlords Business Club

On 2 July at Mitre Passage on the Greenwich Peninsular the regular meeting of the Greenwich Landlords business club was joined by SEE to talk about the benefits of the new Royal Greenwich E-Business Support Programme. The programme is free to Royal borough businesses and aims to help them improve productivity and bring increased prosperity to the borough through the use of all aspects of e-business. Tony Goldstein from SEE gave a short talk about the benefits to be gained by participating in the free programme. 'E-Business is much more than just selling on-line, it can help make almost every aspect of your business more effective'. 

Tony explained how the programme is bespoke and can be tailored to the individual needs of each business to gain maximum benefit.

SEE advisers carry out an e-business audit of both the company and it's staff to determine what, if any training requirementsare needed and then work with the company to implement those changes.

In todays fully connected economy businesses cannot ignore e-business. With so much of e-business being free or extremely competitive to implement and many people accessing the internet and e-commerce through mobile devices including smart phones, can you afford to be without it.

All images courtesy of Warren King Photography

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