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See how we can help you

FREE expert advice and support is available to residents who are thinking of setting up their own business.
It’s being offered by South East Enterprise (SEE) the business support agency that has been helping Lewisham and Greenwich residents to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into successful businesses for over 20 years. 
The agency based in Burney Street, Greenwich, and Lewis Grove, Lewisham is being funded by Greenwich and Lewisham councils to provide a range of support services for residents wanting to start up their own businesses. 
The support includes a range of workshops and seminars which focus on every aspect of starting and running a new business from planning and funding to marketing and promotion. They’re followed up by one-to-one support from dedicated advisers who provide impartial advice to individual entrepreneurs through each stage of their business’s development. 
SEE Area Director Jeremy Hedger said: “With the current uncertainties in the employment market many local residents are looking at the opportunities to gain financial independence by working for themselves but its not an easy option and there are many pitfalls awaiting the novice entrepreneur. 
Government statistics show that businesses owners who take expert advice, plan objectively and research their market before launch significantly improve their survival rate over the first critical 18 months of trading.”
The programme of support will enable residents to realise their entrepreneurial talents and capabilities, and local people who have been unemployed for more than three months could receive Jobseekers’ Allowance of up to £50 per week from the government to help them through the first few months of trading.
Ramona Metcalfe has been running her own life coaching consultancy for a couple of years with support form SEE. She said: “SEE are committed to helping all kinds of people to be successful in business. Their ‘no-nonsense’ approach and tendency to tell it how it is, provides clients with the clear facts so as to make informed decisions about the risks associated with their business.” 
Steve Nelson, Principal Director of SE London Chamber of Commerce said: “Small businesses are the heart of the local economy and start-ups provide the blood flow’. There are many Chamber members who have benefited from the ongoing support of SEE and I can thoroughly recommend the organisation to anyone contemplating going into business. Not only are they incredibly helpful but they are also honest and will advise if the business idea is unrealistic, which alone can save an individual thousands of pounds and a lot of pain.”
He added:  “Many start-ups flounder because they haven’t set up in the right way; haven’t considered all the angles, SEE can help ensure that your business avoids such pitfalls - and thanks to the councils support, there is no charge for Greenwich and Lewisham residents!’
For more information visit SEE’s website at www.seenterprise.co.uk  or phone 020 8305 2222 email info@seenterprise.co.uk
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