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Three Ways AI is Bridging the Gap in Marketing

By: Victoria Harrison (copied from an article in the Donut e-newsletter)

Date: 16 April 2019

Whilst it's been around for some time now, there's still a certain feeling of detachment between the customer and artificial intelligence (AI). Many of us still harbour a slight distrust of modern AI, perceiving it as a robotic, non-human tool which isn't conducive to good customer service.

We may, in fact, have just been watching too much 'I-Robot' style sci-fi, as today's AI is helping to optimise marketing interactions between business and customer through a number of ever more intelligent means.

We look at three ways AI is changing the way businesses and customers communicate for the better.

Customer experience is everything

No matter what industry you're in, customer experience is paramount and creating a successful marketing strategy is no different.

The impact of AI on custom marketing is nothing new, but the technology behind it continues to advance. AI is creating an ever more personalised experience for users, which in turn boosts conversions, repeat custom and brand loyalty for sites that best meet the needs of the individual consumer.

While AI continues to collect user information such as location, historical data and past behaviour to create accurate profiles, it's also branching out into other areas to improve customer satisfaction.

Take augmented reality, for example, where users can 'try on' clothes and shoes simply via the camera function on their phones. This sort of intelligent content reduces the likelihood of dissatisfied customers and returns, whilst boosting engagement.

Speech analytics continues to evolve

Improvements in the field of speech analytics are coming thick and fast. New releases and updates to AI software from companies, such as call tracking firm Mediahawk, demonstrate how intelligent marketing is increasingly based on voice-recognition AI.

The latest speech analytics are capable of numerous features that can aid business and marketing operations:

Identify high priority callers to your sales teams.
Swiftly and accurately redirect calls without the need for human or manual influence.
Tailor future market activities to target groups based on actionable data from spoken keyword analytics.
Improve ROI thanks to highly targeted and tailored campaigns.

Whilst call centres still reign supreme, the advancement in speech analytics means businesses can enjoy better returns for their marketing spend and improve the customer experience for each and every one of their callers.

Real-time customer support

In a world of increasing customer demands and expectations, being able to correctly manage and direct any customer queries is essential for modern business. In the last few years, chatbots have provided a solution that problem, offering a 24/7, consistent and reliable customer service.

Chatbots are an automated tool that resemble human interaction via online chat. These days, upon visiting a site, you will often be met with an immediate pop up chat box asking if you need any help. This is a chatbot in action, and they are able to help with basic queries, order tracking and fulfilment and provide solutions for minor issues.

From this, businesses enjoy reduced spend on staffing, round-the-clock, consistent query resolution and an improved customer experience.

Across business and marketing, AI is making significant strides forward in creating a simpler, more personalised customer journey. There's plenty more to come from the technology too, so we can expect even bigger and brighter things from digital marketing in the not-too-distant future.

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