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Redshaw Advisers

Redshaw Advisers helps companies to be successful in the diverse and complex global carbon markets.

“After 20 years working for corporations, starting
out on your own is like driving down a road full of
potholes. South East Enterprise has been there for us
since we started out in 2014 to guide us around them.
From business planning to Search Engine Optimisation,
from sales planning to marketing campaigns we have
drawn on South East Enterprise’s experience and
expertise to move our business forward smoothly.”

South East Enterprise worked with Redshaw Advisers
on a number of aspects of their business including
developing a sales approach that would deliver real
results if properly planned and executed. Campaigns
could be developed that were supported by CRM
system to gather client data to get the maximum
benefit with the existing customer target group.
In addition some of the staff members have benefited
from attending a variety of social media courses as
well as business planning.

Cyber Essential assessed
Healthy workplace charter
London Living Wage Employer
Trainer of the year
Business for London
Putting the customer first