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Studio Spelling

Rachel Spelling is an acclaimed artist located in the creative hub of Greenwich. Studio Spelling specialises in creating captivating miniature artworks on paint charts, showcasing Rachel's exceptional talent and artistic vision.

South East Enterprise has provided comprehensive support to Rachel, equipping her with the latest digital skills through one-to-one support and workshops on social media management and digital marketing strategies. Rachel has successfully used these skills to seize opportunities, establish her brand and gain the attention of prominent companies and television opportunities. Studio Spelling has achieved remarkable growth in performance and revenue.

I’m grateful to SEE for teaching me how to understand our changing media landscape and for helping me to stop feeling intimidated by all the tech giants that seem to hold so much power! When the pandemic took us all by surprise I had a toolbox of digital skills which helped me to ride the choppy waters. I completely changed my work - I went from painting large-scale murals to tiny miniatures on paint charts - and I finally managed to get my work seen. SEE has given me confidence to enjoy the tech aspect of my work and to use it creatively, and I’ll carry these skills with me far into the future, whatever it has in store!

The Matrix Standard
Best of Greenwich awards 2019 shortlist
Greenwich business awards 2018
Cyber Essentials
London Healthy Workplace Charter
London Living Wage
National Enterprise Network Awards 2013
Business for London